International Coaching Week Starts Today

Today is the start of International Coaching Week. You can probably guess what that means: It’s a week when people in the coaching profession step up their efforts to celebrate the coaching profession.

What is coaching?
Here’s a short video explaining what coaching is. I like it because it indicates how prevalent coaching has become around the world, and it emphasizes that anyone can benefit.

People I have coached have approached me because:

  • They do not know what is next in their lives and want to find out
  • Their lives are generally good but they find themselves wanting more
  • Their lives are unsatisfying and they want to make a change
  • They have goals but need a plan for meeting them
  • They are motivated but need accountability

In other words, people who are at any and all phases in their lives have recognized the benefits of coaching, and that includes people who train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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