Packing, AKA “The Bane of My Existence”

I have had the opportunity to travel a lot, to some very far-flung places. Got some cool stamps on my passport, some commemorative refrigerator magnets, and a pile of stories and memories. No matter where I go, though, one thing is always true: I am the world’s worst packer. It’s always too much of this and not enough of that, and why on earth did I think I would use these, and those are sitting on my bed at home, instead of being here with me where I desperately need them. I have consulted those listicles that explain how to pack for any eventuality, but all they do is make me hate the author(s) and Google “muu-muus” jokingly seriously.

Part of the problem is certainly that I overthink things. For instance, I spent I-don’t-want-to-say-how-many minutes debating the pros and cons of various t-shirts I own. I will need t-shirts for sleeping and working out and running errands, and it occurred to me that if I bring ones that have a lot of English words on them—which is most of them—that will brand me as a foreigner, and I would like to try to blend in, at least until I bust out my “Portuguese.” I am mystified as to whether toothpaste counts as a liquid. I have a black fleece jacket, a black cardigan, and a black raincoat. Will I need them all? How many gis should I pack, and which ones? The ones I can put in the dryer, which is more convenient, even though they are dingier, or the ones that need to hang dry but will look nicer when I am a guest at other academies?

Then we come to entertainment. I love to read, but what will I feel like reading? There are tons of good movies and shows available for download, but which ones will strike my fancy in the airport and on the plane? I enjoy a good crossword puzzle, but what if the one in my in-flight magazine is already filled out?

And I can’t even think yet about the most important packable: snacks. Except to say that I am open to suggestions.

In the end, I will do what I always do: Pack mostly the 10% of my wardrobe that I usually wear, throw in some entertainment that sounds entertaining when I am packing, and hope for the best. Fortunately, I don’t actually have to pack until tomorrow, so I can

I will also leave room for souvenirs. (“Leaving room” means “bringing an entire extra suitcase.”) I already have requests for white sardines and Portuguese wine. Place your orders.

I also am a big fan of postcards—actual pieces of thick paper that come in the mail and have handwriting on them. Contact me if you would like me to send you one.

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