“If You Do What You Love, You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life:” Nice Try, But I Call Shenanigans

Latest in a periodic series of tips to make your life better: Don’t think that having a bad day means you are doing it wrong.

I have a confession to make: Whenever I hear someone say, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” I get stabby. I am happy for those people if it is true, but even though I get to do a lot of what I love and am planning to do even more, that will never be true for me. Some of the things I am responsible for in the name of making a living doing what I love to do are odious. They just are. I recognize completely how fortunate I am to be able to do them, but sometimes I don’t wanna. Sometimes I have a bad day, even doing what I like. And I have learned in recent years that that is okay.

This was not always apparent to me. In the past when I had a crappy day doing what I ostensibly love, I thought something was wrong with me. I thought I was ungrateful and screwing up, because other people were experiencing sunshine and lollipops all the time. But when I started tentatively discussing how I found that old saw to be frustrating, I discovered that I was not alone. It turns out that even some people who are pursuing what fulfills them (perhaps even in lieu of what gives them lots of prestige or money) do not love every minute of it. They (we) do not even necessarily love every day or week of it. Sometimes it is a drag, whatever “it” is.

Now, if what I am saying does not resonate, more power to you, and what is your email address, because I need to know your secret. But if you sometimes feel guilty for not being thrilled all the time even if you do what you can to accommodate what you love, you are not alone. So, the tip is: Count your blessings, AND acknowledge your frustrations.

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